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Are You a pilot with modest flying experience?
Would You like to increase self-confidence and piloting level?
Are you looking for individual training "one2one"?

Refresher/ progression training is a two-component course.
In the first stage, we check your equipment, set it up and learn about your experience. We will also provide short ground handling session. It is a good practice.
We would like that you feel safe and comfortable during your flights.

In second step we will present you an individual training program. Not obligatory, but at the beginning we recommend you to do one didactic tandem flight with your personal coach to catch the common mistakes about flying in thermal, soaring or turbulent conditions. You will have also an opportunity to see the landscape as well as main and alternative landing spots from above. After that you will be mostly flying independent. Your personal flying coach will accompany you on the ground and in the air. Paragliding under the professional eye of the local instructor is going to be a much more secure experience. Together you are going to check the weather forecast, choose the best launch/ landing option and plan a route. After landing, you will analyze the last flight together and prepare for the next one. 

Price 200-250€/ daily training

Requirement for individual training (ITP) by agreement.

Requirement for refresher/ progression training:

  • valid pilot license and insurance
  • certified and inspected equipment (glider, harness, rescue parachute, helmet)
  • vario/ GPS/ compass, radio
  • good forward/ reverse start techniques, good landing techniques
  • completed application form and payment

Transfer to takeoff is available. Possibility of accommodation in paragliding base 20-30€/night (double/ group rooms). Ask for availability. Your non-flying friend can join us in a tandem flight.

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