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Paragliding holidays


Paragliding tour & relax in the sunny paradise of Tenerife!

Paragliding holidays with guiding is an offer for groups and paragliding schools. More than 30 launch sites over the island. Soft or strong thermals, gentle soaring, ground handling or sunset flight. Daily forecast check, tips & safety briefing in landing zone and on takeoff, retrieval. An unforgettable experience, that will increase the self-confidence and paragliding skills.




  • local paragliding guide/ instructor with daily weather briefing
  • local paragliding guide/ instructor with daily weather briefing
  • accommodations at the paragliding base
  • bus + transport to the launch site with retrieval
  • pick up from airport
250€/day 3 days 300€/person
1 week 500€/person
10 days 700€/person

*minimum 3 days required
*minimum 6, maximum 8 pilots in group required

*minimum 6, maximum 8 participants in group required



  • valid pilot's license and insurance
  • certified and proven equipment (glider, harness, rescue parachute, helmet)
  • vario/ GPS, compass, radio, phone with GPS
  • independent forward/ reverse take off techniques, good landing techniques
  • completed application form

Rooms are avaible at the paragliding base (20-30€/night). Location: Tijoco Bajo, South/West of Tenerife, 10 minutes from takeoff Taucho, 20 minutes from Airport South Reina Sophia. Time between November and March/ April can be busy. Ask us for availability. Solo pilots or geoups looking for shuttle to Taucho and Ifonche can join our group →  TAKEOFF STOP

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