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Would You like to learn to fly in stress-free, well-organized and modern way? Our teaching mode will carefully, step by step prepare You to approach the exam for paragliding pilot under federal regulations of FECDA (Federación Canaria de Deportes Aéreos). 

Full paragliding course is divided into three phases.

In the 1st phase (INITIATION) we will teach you the properly pre-flight check, safe take off and landing techniques. We will have interesting theory and good practice lessons as well as intensive training of wing control. We will carry out didactic tandem flights with your school instructor and the first independent paragliding flights. Our goal on 1st level is to be WELL ORIENTED.

In the 2nd phase (INTERMEDIATE) we will focus on wing control skills and reverse launch technique. We will check together the weather conditions and plan your flight. We will supplement your knowledge of safety in flying in thermal and soaring conditions. You will learn:
- how to make "S", "eights" or "360°" turns?
- take the advantage with pendulum effect
- introduction to the rapid descent techniques such as "big ears", "spiral dives", others tips and tricks
- how to predict and manage a difficult situation in flight e.g. a frontstall, site collapse, cravat
- what is and how is working the accelerator (speed) system?

Under the supervision of an instructor and by using radio communication, you will make numerous, longer flights each one with essential safety elements. If necessary, the training will be supplemented by didactic tandem flights with your coach. Our goal on 2nd level is THE SAFETY.

The 3rd phase of the course (ADVANCED) consists of numerous independent paragliding flights, always performed under the supervision of a school instructor and with radio communication. We will visit different takeoffs and landing sites to fly in thermals and soaring conditions. You will practice a precision landings. We are going to repeat and provide each of the techniques you learned in the previous stages. A good practice is to extend your ground handling skills. As a future pilot, take your time and join us on additional free-cost sessions on the training hill as often as possible. Our goal on 3rd level is to be SELF-CONFIDENCE.

The last phase of paragliding training should be performed on your own equipment. Getting familiar with your own equipment will give you more confidence and will improve your skills very fast. Our school will help you to choose the right glider, harness and accessories (brand new, second hand). We will properly set it up so that you can enjoy each time you're going to take off, fly and land. Your safety and comfort matter!

The training ends with an internal exam and a school certificate allowing you to approach the national exam under federal regulations of FECDA. Once you have obtained your Spanish pilot's licence, you can apply for an IPPI 3 card from FAI (FÉDÉRATION AÉRONAUTIQUE INTERNATIONALE). This card is well recognized all over the world and allows you to fly in other countries and enjoy more skill's advanced trainings, SIV, etc. Federal exam fee, any additional insurance and travel coast are not included in total price of course.

What is the training about?

  • theory and good-practice lessons will give you a basic knowledge
  • ground handling sessions will prepare you for safe take off and landing
  • numerous didactic tandem flights with your instructor will make your flights and landing approach more easy and confident
  • 30 independent flights assisted by radio communication
    in different flying areas/ weather conditions to give you more experience
  • internal exam + HD video/photo report with analysis to review your progress on each step 
  • extra seminar before exam for pilot licence + school certificate for exam approach

PRICE 1500€ 

The school provides obligatory insurance during the course and transport to training zone. You will be trained on certified equipment. In 1st phase the equipment is in price included. In 2nd and 3rd phase we will give You an access to rent a school equipment in mode "pro flight". As an adept of our school you have access to affordable prices for a purchase of a new flying kit. For training you will also need: good sport/hiking shoes, comfortable outfit, protected gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen, water etc. Optional accommodation is possible at the paragliding base 20-30€/night (double/ group rooms). Ask for availability. Your non-flying friend can join us in a tandem flight.

*While the training time takes approximately two weeks, we know from our experience that the course time can be extended up to 3 months + the estimated time for the exam. Self motivation, weather conditions, work - free time balance, your progress during the course, etc. may have an impact on the duration of the training. This type of course is designed for long or regular stays in Tenerife.

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